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A special Honorable Mention goes out to these people who supported this web site during the foundational stage 2014-2016, especially during my trip to British Columbia and back to write about re-supply towns along Pacific Crest Trail. That trip and also living in the re-supply town of Idyllwild, California, were life-changing.

Hubert Halkin, owner of Cafe Aroma, Idyllwild, for suggesting I develop this site in 2014 and for distributing my Idyllwild stories to his followers via his Livemail. Also, thanks for permission to use the image on my business card, which was taken on a Halloween night at the restaurant.

Mountain Mike, Idyllwild, California.

Mountain Mike Custom Leather, Idyllwild, for advertising, equipment support, fishing tips, life tips and Western history lessons over trout and salmon dinners.

Sky Island Organics of Idyllwild for its generous sponsorship of this magazine during a year of the critical development phase.

Gosch Chevrolet, Hemet, for taking a chance on advertising with a start-up magazine in a tiny mountain town.

Creekstone Inn and Silver Pines Lodge of Idyllwild Owner Chris Singer operates a web site called on behalf of all the lodging owners in town, which is helpful for tourists and also Pacific Crest Trail hikers stranded during snow or simply needing rest.

Art Bastard screenshot of Bob Cenedella

Artist Robert Cenedella, New York.

Art Bastard” documentary team from New York for believing in a small, new magazine as an outlet for advertising this movie. We loved having you at Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema.

Dancing Bear Lodge in Big Bear Lake, California, for trusting a stranger on a mission along the Pacific Crest Trail re-supply route, welcoming her into the beautiful cabin.

Edelweiss Lodge at Mammoth Lakes, California for providing a much needed respite for me and my traveling companion, Michelle the Cat, after a very long drive. I especially enjoyed the homemade cookies!

Antlers Motel in Chester, California not only for the accommodation, but for all the tips about who to talk to about Chester and its relationship with the Pacific Crest Trail hikers. You and other people I encountered in Chester showed true heart and I will always remember you for it!

Ranchito Motel of Quincy, California for trusting and allowing my cat to visit with me. We loved the serenity of that little babbling brook right outside our screened window. It was so private and restful. Thank you so much.

Burney Falls Lodging, California not only for accommodating my cat and me but also for the lovely long chat with your manager, Nancy. On long solo drives, such as the one I took through PCT re-supply towns, these kinds of conversations provide human connections and sharing of spirits.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 10.28.53 AM

Mill Creek Resort, California.

Mill Creek Resort, California for the lovely quiet spot in the forest, where I had the best night’s sleep of my journey up to that point. The babbling brook outside my bedroom kept Michelle-the-Cat amused, kept us cool on a hot night, and lulled us off to sleep.

Inn in the Woods, MacKenzie Bridge, Oregon.

Inn in the Woods, MacKenzie Bridge, Oregon.




Inn in the Woods, MacKenzie Bridge, Oregon for allowing me to stay in one of your beautiful cabins. You cannot know how much I appreciated the serenity by the river on that screened patio and the long soak in the bath after driving hundreds of miles over a mountain, on the freeways in the dark and through the rain to reach a lodging spot.

Packwood Hotel, Packwood, Washington. I enjoyed the family environment, the quiet rest, the camaraderie and your genuine interest in me, my cat and my work. Thank you!

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 6.57.04 PM

Historic Hotel Packwood in Packwood, Washington.

Swiss Chalets Motel & Cottages, Hope, British Columbia, Canada. Thank you for trusting me and giving me much needed rest on my first night in Canada, after a very long drive.

Windsor Motel, Hope, British Columbia, Canada. I loved being right downtown, so I could walk around. Thank you for the conversation and for a quiet, comfortable room.

Dave and Shanna Robb of My World in Art for their $100 contribution. Shanna is president of Idyllwild Art Alliance.

Cascade Locks Ale House, Cascade Locks, Oregon – especially “Jules” Caldwell – for information, lunch, a referral to a trail angel for lodging and the toll money to cross Bridge of the Gods to continue on with my series “Heart of the PCT Towns.”

Manning Park Resort Hostel, E. C. Manning Park, Canada. Thank you for a clean, comfortable room in a safe environment. It was fun meeting such a variety of people there.

Christina. Photo: Robert Zimiga.

Grizzly Manor Cafe waitress, Christina. Photo: Robert Zimiga.

Grizzly Manor Cafe, Big Bear Lake, Calif. for a fun time visiting with the “sassy” staff, informative and friendly locals and visitors too! I enjoyed the meal and the company.

Hacienda Sports Bar & Grill, Big Bear Lake, Calif., for the delicious salmon and vegetable meal.

Good Life Cafe, Mammoth Lakes, Calif. for a scrumptious, fresh breakfast and friendly staff.

The Rafters, Mammoth Lakes, Calif. for a lovely chat and a fabulous glass of wine while I waited for the delicious salmon dinner you provided me.

Paradise Grill, Quincy, Calif. for a fajita dinner on my way through town! Thank you for trusting a stranger. I enjoyed your friendly, family atmosphere.

The Blue Moose coffee house, Hope, Canada. Thank you for a delicious, healthy lunch. You have such variety, such friendly baristas and great ambiance. No wonder you are so popular!

Sherwood Campground, Oregon

Trail Angel Shrek, Cascade Locks, Oregon. Thank you for letting me pitch my tent in your yard and interview you and Sugar Mama and the hikers (on my return trip).

If your name hasn’t been added here, please forgive me and just know how much I value you all for helping me with my trip to write “Heart of the PCT Towns.”

Thank you for reading and thank you so much for your support. Onward!

Julie Pendray

Business card March 2015


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