Close Encounters of the Desert Kind

Night camping at Joshua Tree. Photo courtesy: Joshua Tree Retreat Center.Night camping at Joshua Tree. Photo courtesy: Joshua Tree Retreat Center.

By Julie Pendray

Visitors to Joshua Tree would be hard-pressed not to be affected by the eerie other-worldly quartz monzonite boulders with imaginable faces, a night sky resplendent with brilliant stars, the sense of deep quiet in an area steeped in historical native American habitation, and the wonderful awakening to a sunrise that makes you feel new.

Beyond connecting with yourself, some of those same people also believe the high desert is the best place to communicate with extraterrestrial intelligence. Contact in the Desert, an event billed as the largest UFO conference and festival in the world, runs May 19-22 at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center.

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Excerpt printed by permission.



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  1. Wow! Who knew? Fascinating insights into a whole other realm of thinking, perspectives and seeking an appreciation for life!

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