Mountain High Hiking — Ernie Maxwell Trail

Ernie Maxwell Scenic Trail. Photo: Don Raridon.Ernie Maxwell Scenic Trail. Photo: Don Raridon.

By Julie Pendray

It’s a great time to hike in Idyllwild, before snow season fully sets in.

The Ernie Maxwell Scenic Trail is an easy-to-moderate workout that offers clear views of Strawberry Valley, as well as both Suicide Rock and Tahquitz or “Lily” Rock. This 5.2-mile round trip hike begins at Humber Park at 6,100-foot elevation.

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  1. … and if you’re exploring this fun – easy but beautiful trail remember it crosses through some of our backyards and if the neighbor kids yell out to you in happiness and fun please don’t become offensive and yell back rudeness at them. It may be the wilderness to you but is truly our backyard….

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